A agonising soul sucking death commonly known as College or University

Years continue to pass, some students graduate, some fail, some dropout and nothing changes. The education system reminds me of a dictator that is unwilling to step down.

I’m aware that no education system is perfect, and I believe they are all the same across the world. We memorize, study for the test and forget, only to know 10 years later what an atrocious world we have been constructing.
University education indicates our ability in acquiring academic knowledge. It is not easy to enter university. We have to pass many examinations so that we can study in university. This long way has made people believe this is the only way for success.

University education trains students in academic subjects. But non-academic fields can lead us to success as well. Many successful artists and sportsmen are not university graduates. But they can glorify their own work and come to success. These non-academic fields require people’s enthusiasm, but not academic knowledge.

Universities have made students live a non-creative, follow a path structure where students don’t see any options to opt-out.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

–Professor Philip G. Zimbardo

As in the experiment, a group of university students were made prisoners and the other was made guards, in these situations, the good people after giving some authority can turn into evil mind personalities and no one questions the authorities.

People going to universities are getting repped off their creative ideas, questions about the system. As in the experiment, people wanted to leave the “Jail” but didn’t in the fear. Students after entering have no choice but to complete and get the degree for the sole reason of loans hanging them up.
“At least I have the useless Degree”

What matters more is having the skills to do the job, not a certificate that shows you’ve spent 4 years studying a topic.

Remember being a kid and wanting to play around? When did no one tell you how to use your imagination Asking questions as to why is the moon white? Why is the grass green? Which no one could answer. You pretended you were an astronaut and imagined travelling in space.

Well, then came school, a child’s worst nightmare. You learned to live with an environment full of hatred. Where teachers told you to stop dreaming and live in reality all that mattered was a piece of paper which is called a mark sheet. You learned not to question the world and you are wrong everyone else is right.

Stop asking questions to start mugging up. You can’t get successful if you get less marks. You start questioning yourself, Imagine a situation where you are a kid and asked to answer 5 questions of general knowledge. Some students answer correctly while some don’t even know whats going on. Teachers grades some with A+ and some with F.

The kids who got an A+ start thinking they are smarter then other students, but those who got an F… Well, they start to think they are losers and their works is rubbish.

Sir Ken Robinson in his ted talk said that instead of growing into creativity in school, we grow out of it. Students all over the world have had more years of schooling than they care to count. During this process, students are taught that making a mistake is a sin. We have planted in our students’ minds a picture of a perfectly, carefully drawn life.

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