Why Innovation comes at night?

Produce the best work.

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“Innovations come from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea.” — Steve Jobs

Programmers, designers, artists, writers are all dreamers. And their dream come true at night. When its dark and no one can disturb them, comes their innovation.

I always laugh when people say you should wake up at 4–5 am and work. That is the best time for work and innovation. Well, in my opinion, that depends on person to person. I genuinely believe that the world has is divided into day and night people. The ideas start to crumble.

I am a night owl and cant change my way of things.
Don’t be afraid and feel left out, there are people like you who think, innovate at night. My most productive hours would be between 1–4 am.
Well, researchers say those night owls are more intelligent, productive. I can’t speak of myself but can you?

We hate typical 9–5 jobs, tend to do a lot more than usual. Try to learn new things.

Steve Jobs often used to have a meeting at 10 pm that would have no time duration.

Please don’t be afraid of being a night owl, we are born this way and will never change and don’t try either.

“I’m a bit of a night owl because that’s when I feel the most creative and alive.”
Christina Aguilera

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